Mission Statement

The mission of the Hokkaido Association of North America is to promote the conservation and development of the Hokkaido breed in the United States, Canada, and other parts of North America and promote educational, charitable, and social support for the breed and owners. Through education and guidance HANA shall encourage the proper breeding, raising, and care of Hokkaido dogs and protect the welfare of the breed for future generations.

To achieve this mission, HANA shall:

(a) provide support and information to Hokkaido owners, breeders, HANA members, and the public about the care, health, and breeding of Hokkaido dogs;

(b) urge breeders, HANA members, judges, and national breed registries to accept the standard of the breed as set forth in the original Hokkaidoken Hozonkai (“DOKENHO”) standard, translated into English and clarified by HANA, as the only standard of excellence by which the Hokkaido shall be bred and judged;

(c) establish positive working relationships with international Hokkaido clubs, and encourage local and regional Hokkaido clubs as they develop in North America;

(d) offer a link between prospective Hokkaido owners and Hokkaido breeders who adhere to the HANA Code of Ethics;

(e) participate in cooperative Hokkaido breed rescue for Hokkaido dogs in need;

(f) develop and maintain a database of Hokkaido dogs living or born in North America;

(g) use its power to protect and advance the interests and well-being of the Hokkaido breed in the North America;

(h) encourage sportsmanlike behavior at all dog competitions and events, including dog shows and performance events, such as obedience and agility trials; and, where applicable, to conduct sanctioned matches, specialty shows, and other events for which the Hokkaido is eligible.